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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review: Complete In-Depth Analysis

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

What the Microsoft is working is full swing after overtaking Nokia’s Handset department. Recently, they’ve released the new Windows 10 based Tablet computer, named as Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This is a successor to Microsoft Surface Tablet series. In the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet, the company had added lot more hardware than its predecessor and made it sturdy.

With every new release from Microsoft, expectations of Microsoft users increase ten folds. That’s why we are showing the detailed analysis of this tablet from our point of view. In this post, we are going to review this awesome tablet from Microsoft, which they call it will replace your laptop.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Design


The design is the first thing we check of any product before buying any product. Microsoft product design department knew this. That’s why they’ve designed this Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet to look like a beautiful and premium gadget. There are many similarities in the Surface Pro 4, and it’s predecessors, but still new version looks more beautiful.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 looks thinner than it’s predecessor and has lost a little weight. That’s the reason behind its fancifulness because incredible things always attract human beings. This tablet is little bulky to be called as Tablet, but Microsoft calls it PC Tablet and an alternative for laptops, so, this is the right dimension for any tablet if it is a laptop alternative. The major drawback of this tablet is that it is little heavier than it looks.

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Hardware and Performance:

The upgraded hardware specifications make this tablet more powerful in all terms. The Display of this tablet is 12.3 inches, which is impressive. It has a screen resolution of 2,736×1,824 pixels. The display of Surface Pro 4 tablet is touch responsive. On the Processor’s hand, Surface Pro 4 tablet comes with an Intel Skylark Core m3 processor, which is not suitable for high graphics and video editing works, but it is helpful to reduce the battery consumption. This processor is clocked at a base rate of 900 MHz.

On the Memory front, it comes with a 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. This is good enough for doing a necessary thing with your Tablet laptop.

If you are gaming addict, then Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet is not made for you. It comes with Intel HD 250 graphics processor, which is not made for handling gaming graphics. Although, it works well for lightweight games, but it will not appeal the hardcore gamers.

All this hardware gets the power from the 38-watt battery, which is good enough to handle web surfing, video playing and other things. If you look at everyday users perspective, the 8-9 hours of battery backup is sufficient for doing work.

Fortunately, the Surface Pro 4 is available in different hardware configurations, such as with

Intel core m3, i3, i5 and i7 processors and RAM variations.

Software and Pricing:

The Surface Pro 4 is shipped with Windows 10 installed. This is the latest operating system from Microsoft. The Windows 10 does this Tablet cum laptop work efficiently with its hardware specification. But, according to user reviews, it has some minor bugs, which is expected to be resolved by Microsoft in the new update.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - Image 2

The Microsoft is calling it as Alternative for Laptop. But, it doesn’t become a perfect alternative without a physical keyboard. That’s why, Microsoft introduced the external keyboard for this tablet, which is being sold separately. The price of this tablet is $900 approximately without Keyboard. And if you decide to purchase it with Keyboard bundle, then it will cost you approximately $1,500/-.

Also, it has proprietary Stylus Pen for better touch inputs. On the Microsoft store, it comes bundled with the Tablet, but you can purchase it from stores because it is being sold separately too.


The Microsoft product design team worked hard to create this tablet with perfection. It has everything an everyday user can expect. The hardware choice is excellent and varies as per customer needs. There is just one bad thing about this tablet, is that the Keyboard is being sold separately. That’s the worst thing about this excellent tablet. If you are a business person who has to travel a lot doing his work, then Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet is made for you. You can be sure that it is more mobile than your bulky laptop and light weight too.

It is useful for business persons doesn’t mean that others have no use of it. Thanks to the variant of this device. There are many options available to choose. If you want a more powerful tablet, then select the one with higher configurations. Hope you liked this Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review. 🙂

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