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How to Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10

Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10: If you are a Windows 10 OS users, then you know what File Explorer is. For those who don’t have any idea about file explorer in Windows 10, here is an explanation. The File Explorer is a renamed and Revamped version of Windows Explorer (From Windows 8).

The Microsoft team has added many interesting elements and features in the new File Explorer. If you are new to Windows 10 Operating System and facing some issues while using the File Explorer, then you are at right place. In this post, you can get help with file explorer in Windows 10.

Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10

The File Explorer comes with a different Interface and bunch of different features. So, for Windows eight users, who upgraded to Windows 10 may get problems using it.

That’s why we have collected some solutions for common problems faced with file explorer in Windows 10 Operating System. Please check out some common issues and their solutions for File Explorer in Windows 10.

How do I Customize Quick Access?

The Quick Access is a brilliant way to access the most used folders on single screen. The most used folders are shown on Quick access panel, which is on the main screen of File Explorer. If you want any particular folder to appear on Quick Access area, then you’ve to follow the proper procedure.

  1. Select and Right-click on the Folder, which you want to put on Quick Access Panel.
  2. Select “Pin to Quick Access” option.
  3. You’re Done! The Selected folder is in Quick Access area.

Now, if you want to remove or hide any of the selected folders from Quick Access, then you have to follow below mentioned procedure.

  1. Select and Right-click on the folder you want to remove from Quick Access.
  2. Now, Select “Unpin from Quick Access’ to remove it from the panel.
  3. That’s it! The selected folder is deleted from quick access.

Windows 10 File Explorer Hangs When Right Clicks?

If you are facing the weird problem with a file explorer like “ File Explorer crashing after right clicking on It? ‘ Then you should follow below-mentioned methods to solve your problem.

  • Method 1:-

1. First of all, Press Windows Key + X key together. It will open the command prompt with administrator access.

2. Now, type “netsh” in command prompt and click Enter.

Tip: Put that command without quotes (“).

3. After that, type “Winsock reset” and press Enter.

Tip: Put that command without quotes (“).

Now, the process will start, and you’ll see a notification in command prompt after it completed. Now, you should restart your computer to apply the effects.

  • Method 2:

One Windows update file may be the reason of crashing of file explorer after right clicking. Follow this method to fix this problem.

  1.  First of All, go to the Settings and then find and open the Windows Updates.
  2. Now open Advanced Options >> View your Update history >> Uninstall Updates.
  3. Now, scroll through the list of updates which are installed in your system and find the update “ KB3081449 “ and right click on it. Now click on Uninstall.
  4. If the previous update is unavailable on your PC, then find update “KB3081448 “ and Uninstall it.
  5. Restart your PC to apply the changes and check if the problem is solved or not.

File Explorer Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are very much addicted to your keyboard, then you can access file explorer in Windows 10 with keyboard shortcuts. Here are some useful File Explorer Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts which will help you to use File Explorer quickly.

  • Open a New Window of File Explorer = Windows Key + E
  • Activate the search bar in File Explorer = Ctrl + E.
  • Go back One Folder in History = Alt + Left Arrow Key
  • Go Forward One Folder in History = Alt + Right Arrow Key
  • Increase or Decrease the size of Icons in File Explorer = Ctrl + Mouse Wheel up or Down
  • Create a New Folder = Ctrl + Shift + N

Final Verdict:-

The Windows 10 is an incredible operating system by Microsoft. The File Explorer in Windows 10 came with some extra features and polished interface than it’s older version, which is named as Windows Explorer. The Windows Explorer has the right amount of features and interesting UI. But, with increased features and polished UI, the File Explorer in Windows 10 had some problems.

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We hope that your problems with Windows File Explorer in Windows 10 is Solved.

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