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How to Get Help in Windows 10

Microsoft, being the leader in computer software, regularly brings and updates your systems with new windows OS. Windows 10 OS is one of the most sophisticated OS and the best update to the older Operating Systems we were using. It has brought some new features with the OS like Cortana, Edge browser, the ability to stream games from Xbox One, multiple desktops etc. But, there will be issues in the OS which you might solve using the Help section. We will illustrate you “How to Get Help in Windows 10” in the following sections

These days, kids are growing up using iPad, Mac and android tablets from very early stages. But someday they will have to encounter Windows and they will need help in Windows 10. So, whether you are a new user or you have been using windows for decades, there are times when you need help suddenly out of nowhere. Earlier, there were manuals to refer for any help but these days there are more sophisticated methods of providing help. In recent years, the help provided is much more versatile and it’s called Help and Support.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Let’s discover how it works and how it makes the Windows 10 even better or to use it to get information on how to work with different programs. We will show you how to get help in Windows 10. Here are some of the ways to get help in Windows 10 when you are stuck with something.

Press F1 Key on the Desktop:

From the beginning, F1 key has been the Windows shortcut key for getting Help, which remains in Windows 10 as well. You can get help with Windows 10 by pressing an F1 key from anywhere on the system.

If the program you are using has its own help services, they will be opened or else your default Edge browser will open Bing search.

By Contact Support App:

Microsoft has added ‘Contact Support App’ in Windows 10 itself so that you can troubleshoot your problems by having a chat online with Microsoft Tech Support Agent or get an instant call from Microsoft or you can also schedule a call at your convenient time.

To get started, access the ‘Contact support app’ by typing it in the Search bar. If you have removed it, you can always find it in the windows store.

Open your Microsoft account to access Microsoft help desk. You will get few options; select the appropriate topic which you are having problems with.

You will get following options to get help:

  • Ask the Community:

By selecting this option, you will be directed to the corresponding discussion forum where you can see many of the users talking about your problem if it is very common. Or else, you can post your problems and get the help from different users on the forum.

  • Chat online to get help in Windows 10

You will be given an option to chat online with ‘Microsoft Answer Tech’. Describe your problems accurately and get appropriate help from the Microsoft Agent.

  • Call me as soon as possible

Some people prefer to talk to someone to get the problem solved instead of just having a chat. This feature allows you to talk to a Microsoft Tech Support Agent immediately so that you get solutions to your problems in Windows 10.

  • Arrange a call

You can also schedule a call in future from the Tech Agent. Just select Arrange a call and select appropriate date and time. When you get the call from an Agent, you can discuss your Windows 10 problems and get solutions.

Ask Cortana, Digital Virtual Assistant in Windows 10

Cortana is a digital virtual assistant which the Microsoft has added in Windows 10. It is one of the most talked about features of Windows 10. You can ask Cortana for any basic issues in the system. This virtual assistant will provide you with a range of answers within its knowledge in Windows 10 support. It is not only for scheduling a meeting or setting a reminder, it is also there to help for any simple basic issues on Windows 10.

As soon as you are on the desktop of Windows 10, you can see Cortana in the form of the search bar on Windows 10 taskbar, just next to Windows icon. On the search bar, it will be written “Ask me anything” with microphone symbol at the end of the bar. You can either write your queries on the search bar or you can give voice commands with the Microphone to get help in Windows 10 from Cortana.

Some of the basic things you can do with Cortana are:

  • Monitor flights on different time schedules
  • Send and receive emails
  • Set reminders for places or person
  • Search websites and do different tasks on the internet
  • Run different applications on system
  • Search required information and files on the system

Cortana is a very useful feature added by Microsoft in Windows 10. It will surely improve as the time goes so that you can take advantage of it. Getting help for basic issues in Windows 10 is another benefit by using Cortana.

By Microsoft Support Telephone Number

Microsoft also offers toll- free number for its users to get help in Windows 10. You can find and dial the number of a particular region and talk to the agent for any technical support for Windows 10. Before contacting the number, make sure you have all the details regarding your problems in Windows 10 so that you can explain them better and get the required solution.

Online Virtual Support Agent from Microsoft Website

Microsoft online support agent is instantly available for Windows 10 users. You have to go to Microsoft support website and ask any queries related to your problems in Windows 10.

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Just go the website and click on “Get started button” which is visible on the home page of the website. After clicking on it, Microsoft virtual agent window will appear. Just chat with the Virtual agent and describe your problems in Windows 10. You will get the possible solutions from the Microsoft virtual agent. You can also ask to talk to a person at any time during the chat.


These solutions best illustrate “How to get help in Windows 10”. You can ‘Ask Cortana’- Windows 10 virtual assistant or directly press F1 from anywhere to troubleshoot your problems. If your problems are more serious then you can also use ‘Contact Support app’. If you have any other simple method, please write in the comments below. Also, let us know which method helped you in getting the problem solved in Windows 10.

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