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How to Check for Updates in Windows 10

Check for Updates in Windows 10: Windows updates are very important to keep your system secure from various new viruses and malware. Updates in Windows 10 not only secure your system from threats, it also increases the performance of your system and keep Windows features up-to-date.

Today in this tutorial we will learn how to check for Updates in Windows 10 through Setting Menu. Usually, Microsoft releases important updates every second Tuesday once in a month but is not limited, As per the necessity or severity of the updates they can release them whenever they want. By the way, they call their update release day “Patchy Tuesday“. Most of the time the important updates automatically gets downloaded and installed, but there are few updates that need the user consent like some updates needs you to accept the new terms and conditions and there are optional updates that need to be installed manually.

Check for Updates in Windows 10

Step 1: Go to Windows 10 settings, if you don’t know where to find the settings option in windows 10, you can get help from Cortana just type “Settings” in “Ask me anything” area and you will see the settings options on the top.

Step 2: Click on the “Settings” and you will see a new window, that has different categories in it. This is the Control Panel in Windows 10, Microsoft changed the name from the control panel to settings in Windows 10. Now click on “Updates & Security” as shown below.

Step 3: Now in the new window click on “Check For Updates“.

As you see in below screenshot after clicking “Check for updates” button, windows started checking for the updates.

While Windows 10 is checking for the updates, you can continue your work on your computer or go and get some coffee. But do keep an eye periodically on the update process.If you encounter an error like in the below screenshot just click on the “Retry” button and windows will again start checking for the updates. Don’t get frustrated if you are getting errors multiple time while checking for windows update. Just comment below with the error message and I will help you out fixing the issue.

Ok, so after retrying a couple of times the windows will start downloading the updates and then it will automatically install the updates.For more details on the updates that are being downloaded and installed, you can click the “Details” link. Also, note that some updates require a system restart to finish installing.

Bonus: If you want to choose how updates are installed on your system you can click on the “Advanced options” (See above screenshot) which will take you to a new screen. On that screen, you can choose any one option from two given choices “Automatic (recommended)” or “Notify to schedule restart“.

Other options on the above screenshot explained:

  • Update other Microsoft products: If you want to get updates for other Microsoft products along with the Windows updates, just mark the checkbox before it.
  • Defer upgrades: You can also defer upgrades in windows 10 by marking the checkbox before it. For those of you who don’t know what “Defer upgrades” option mean I will try to explain it to you. So lets say if you don’t want Windows 10 to update and install the latest released updates automatically you can use this option to stop them for months. Though it will not effect the important updates, but the system will not be able to update itself as soon as the new update is available.
  • View your update history: If you want to see what updates are installed on your system, you can use this option. It will show you your update history with all successful updates and the updates that are failed. You can also uninstall any updates in case you are getting issues because of it.

You can click on any installed update in the “Update history” window to know more about it.

So this is how you check for updates in Windows 10 and install them and use other options to take control of your system. I hope this tutorial helped you to understand and get in-depth information about the “Updates & Security” feature of Windows 10 operating system.

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