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How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10?

For all of you who are looking forward to learn how to change screen resolution in windows 10, we came up with this easy to learn step by step tutorial that will make your display ice to your eyes. Changing screen resolution is very simple and can be done in few clicks. If you recently upgraded your operating system to windows 10, most of you who have a bigger screen may be experiencing a zoomed out display or a stretched display and want to change it.

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

To get a correct screen resolution is very important as you may make your icons and text very small or very big. Mostly Windows 10 adjust itself to the correct screen resolution by detecting your screen size but if its not the case with your computer screen you can manually do it by following the step by step instructions below.

Change screen resolution in windows 10

Change screen resolution from your desktop:

  • Go to your desktop and right click anywhere and then click on “Display Settings” as shown below.

change windows screen resolution

  • In the new window click on the “Advanced Display Settings“. Also if you want to change the size of the text, apps and other items you can do it by sliding the slider as seen the below screenshot, you will the result instantly when you slide it to left or right and release your mouse button. The recommended is 100% as seen below. Ok so i assume you clicked the “Advanced Display Settings” now lets go to the next step.

Display settings windows 10

  • Now in the new window that poped up click on the drop down box that says “Resolution” , just above the Apply button.

Screen resolution windows 10

  • When you click on the drop down you will see that windows will automatically recommend you the best resolution, but if your are not satisfied with windows 10 suggestion for your screen resolution you can easily change it from the available options. Please note that the screen resolution options are different for every one as it is based on the dimensions of the monitor you are using. For me who have a 19″ Dell monitor below are the options.

Screen resolution options

Now for me 1600 x 900 is the recommended and i am happy with that. But also keep in mind that the higher your screen resolution the smaller will be your icons and the text. So if you got glasses , you may not find them clear :). You can test your screen resolution and set it as you like.

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